Jan. 11th, 2016

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Well I'm moving desks & offices at work. I've also forgotten my phone at home in my early morning rush to run out into the snow & be made pure/dead/sad. So, I'm not gonna take a picture of my aging-before-my-eyes face or this bible pamphlet my mother gave me. In fact, in the movement of dozens of cables, tools, monitors, docking stations and other IT detritus - that thing ended up in the trash.

I'm more sad than anything that there is an effort out in the world to get people to interface with the divine, the ineffable & the mysterious through these fortune-cookie-snippets.

I had been thinking - and really the lesson has to be a life- lived according to the prescribed methods - a person - rising & gaining - becoming, and to watch & know that happening - that is the lesson that people could be benefited by.

I guess the Bible does this- or attempts to here and there. There is Moses - who is revealed through the big events of his life - but he falls short of virtue so often and in the end is punished with nothing - he's more tragic than anything and that's useful but not edifying enough. Some of the other prophets & David - king David has a bit of this- his story front to back. A lot of the patriarchs actually - but they don't aim at a spiritual progression or transcendence - they've got pretty straightforward mortal concerns- like succession & murder & murderers and the conquest of Canaan.

Jesus then is presented - and... In the truncated story of Jesus' career he does three things - he's born auspiciously, he teaches 12 guys and wanders, and he is killed by bureaucrats for making what amounts to the wrong noises with his mouth.

You get Jesus presenting information without any real way to infer its source- I am the way the truth and the light - well, it's not helpful to just be a thing - what did it take to become that thing?

In the end Jesus is a black-swan-unicorn type thing - he's irreplaceable and unknowable besides. There's no satisfactory explanation as to why G-D has only one child & the stuff after Jesus' death has that tacked on retcon-quality that you can easily detect when you're familiar with serial stories told by committees. It's Jesus' death that has meaning - not the rest of him, we're led to believe. I feel like that wouldn't be the case if he'd have lived.

Anyhow- the bible is I guess instructive about basic & sensible ethical cues- Do Unto Others & Love Your Neighbor As Yourself are pretty resonant - but in the end there's not a lot of valuable instruction on how to be a... Well a wizard. So I don't care. Bible - I don't care about you in a serious way - you're fine for what you are, but it's inconceivable that people kill & die for you.


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