Mar. 10th, 2016

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That kid is 13 now, and that is a thing to really have & know inside myself. Teenage daughter. Well.

I should go back and think over the weekend. It got pretty nice out and we did nice-style stuff. The big idea was all about going downtown come Saturday - that was the agenda & a secret one at that. Last year Welcome to Night Vale came to town & we missed it and I don't ever want that to happen again so we took the train down to public square and I got surprise tickets at Playhouse Square. She was pretty thrilled when the surprise was revealed - but it's a little bit dull when the surprise is buying tickets for stuff that will happen next month - still, it counts. We wandered a bit after that - checked out the big library downtown where a guy was talking about Wonder Woman? I don't know - I was like - Who is this guy? And this guy turns out to be some unitarian minister? I think Unitarian Ministers probably just talk at libraries about esoteric subjects as some kind of sacrament. It is the way into Unitarian heaven to give nerdy lectures at libraries. Really he wanted to talk about Max Lord & then came across with some characterizations that I didn't care about much - anyhow we sat around reading comics instead of listening & I enjoyed the Encyclopedia of Early Earth again.

Cut through the Arcade to see a wedding happen, see the walls & fences of public square getting dressed up for a visit from the RNC and then take the train home and be home after buying up some video games and just wandering the streets a while. A chill afternoon of sort-of-events. This is the kind of thing that I know people refer to as Adventure in their day to day lives? I feel like I recall it - we went a bunch of places and saw a bunch of statues and stuff... This is adventure for shutins I guess? Fuckit man, I ain't know. I just do the things that it occurs to me to do.

Sunday DnD with the neighbors - actually GotN - my super-good (promise) OSR clone.  They're super good sports about helping me playtest and generally they seem to be having a solid time - though they're tricky to play with what with their very aggressive toddler & very adorable newborn - babies all around!

Of course Tuesday is Agatha's birthday - and a beautiful day on top of it.  I had a pretty solid spring in my step all day long, a smile that couldn't be beat & just a jaunty air of happiness.  We wander our neighborhood and play a game about throwing a pinecone down the sidewalk and counting the sidewalk segments to see how far we can throw.  13 sidewalk blocks over and over - no accident I say, I say it's magic - because that's how I talk.  I give her a bunch of dollars (since our party is later, in the month - the March Party - best time of the year) this is just a private time of dinner & companionship - for us - a nice time.  Buy yourself the video games you want.  She's a young 13 - I guess is the way to say it?  I don't mind, and it's cool that we've got a lot in common & like to spend our days the way we spend them.  It's great, but I wonder & wait for when she'll be more woman than girl.  I don't mind growing up, I look forward to it in point of fact.  I'm excited to see what she'll do y'know?

Meantime the sky's full of rain, I can't be bothered to feel much beyond a buzz of comfortable ease, a slow quiet day now in solitude.


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