Apr. 29th, 2016

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What happened was this. The recycler said they were interested in our old totes, but that they'd need to be smashed down first so that they could get a lot of volume into their container. So the loader operators were all abuzz & competing for who would get to do the mashing. Seniority ruled and the mad-old man was allowed to do it. It happened that at this time I was on a long call with my contractor & so I sat in the golf cart in the yard and watched a cackling old man in red suspenders smash apart what amounts to metal-clad balloons with a huge yellow front-end loader. I was on a call else I'd have taken video the whole time - but here is what it was. Each of the totes is a 10 cubic foot plastic container that's supported in an armature of aluminum in the form of a lightweight cage - this is for stacking inside a container or a truck. The Loader-bucket descends with its implacable but steady, slow swing. It crushes & crushes quicker than you'd think but slower than you'd like - the thick plastic bubble bursts with a satisfying pop & the aluminum cage buckles & shatters, welds popping & twisting. It goes on for an hour, the old man is never not smiling.

Nearby some people have been advertising that there is evidence for god. If you call them, they don't want to do anything about it. They like that there is god - which is really... Just the weirdest reaction to there being a powerful magical controller of the universe. You're on that guy's side? Why? What's wrong with you?

Anyhow, I liked the look of the smashed & destroyed works of a vainglorious people crushed beneath the works of other, equally vainglorious people - Mindless destruction & all the while - There is Evidence For God.


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