May. 6th, 2016

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Yesterday was one of those days- the really & actually beautiful kind - and late as it came it was the first really superb spring day in this town. It always waits for the tulips, that's probably why they're my favorite. Robins & Tulips they're important signs, omens purporting the continuity of days. They say that life is long and they say that life is happening.

I barely remember work, work is silly now, with problems, riddles to solve. It's complicated & confusing. Email is weirdly ancient & arcane in the world of technology, it's very mature and full of antiquated complexities from the times when our grandparents were inventing it. I barely remember, I barely can think about it.

I go walking with young Agatha, Thursday for strolling. There's a secretive meadow she's had her eye on and we decide to shortcut through - seeing sights. She looks for the wild growing vegetables an I note the wolf-like dog that stands off alone, then wanders to its master's house, a big beast black & pointed, its tongue doesn't loll out, it is wolfish. "Do we dare to brave this meadow?" We do, we do. It's pleasing the - the way the lawnmowers (well, they're not pleasing - lawns, mowing, Argle+Bargle is the standard reaction to one of my least favored contrivances) just clip the edge of the meadow, there's a natural fence of spindly maple saplings all around, a hedge under the trees, we walk on through and I do my banking while she notices and talks to school chums in the neighborhood.

Walking on back, there are robins, plenty, friendly porch-cats, sleek little young deer - they just have a knuckle of fuzzy antler on their heads, little teenaged deer trepidatious in the neighborhood they stalk out from between the houses heading for the yard of that-one-guy. In his yard it's only a few minutes before he comes to shoo them off like a bouncer at a bar after last call. "that's enough boys." Clapping his hands & these skinny young deer are frightened, they stand only a little distance away and start and run, and stop, childish knuckleheads.

Bunnies, there are bunnies, and the tulips & robins - we see a mourning dove and hope to see the neighborhood hawk this summer. And people, musicians, the town lights up at night, later, when I'm walking home from D&D past the clubs and don't even pay attention to who's playing and think only a moment about going to get a drink. Next time, there's always next time, the spring lasts forever doesn't it? It's never winter anymore right? I forgot all about it, winter, there's no such thing.


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