May. 9th, 2016

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My man BD took to the ballgame yesterday which was rad as heck. I didn't make it to one game last year and I didn't care for that state of affairs- I'll have to keep my thoughts on this as a fun thing to do in the summer. I have high hopes of making the summer rad.

This year the company's big annual meeting isn't taking place in August - and so I don't have to blow off everything in a race to prepare for the big annual meeting - so I can actually resume the Best Day & probably go to the beach a lot - if it is warm enough, (I believe in you 2016!) Anyhow the Ball Game & a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of summertime. Almost! It is almost.

I still get to go to Disneyland this month - a state of affairs that brings me like, shame. I tell my kiddo - I won't be around for a couple of days because of this work thing. "Oh, where are you going?" "Just disneyland." "without me?" "... School?" I feel like a jerk! And beyond that I'm taking her to our cousin's out-of-town wedding the weekend after in glorious Pennsylvania... Penn...Sylvania... PA isn't a good place, it's the worst place actually. You'll hear WVa or Mississippi given a hard time- but they are not Pennsylvania. I promise, it is a place for devils.

When I was young, and this is a story - I think I might have written about it here before - this happened to me and Littlemarauder - our friend, well my friend, her boyfriend BD - in fact - was living in NYC and I'd periodically go visit, and sometimes she'd team up and ride with me or what-have-you - she went way more frequently than I, but once in a while we'd team up and she'd go with me in my sweet-ass Jeep.

Just because of how I worked & the nature of either of our availability it wasn't that weird that I'd drive straight through the night - this was at a time, a splendid time in your nation's history where you could buy hardcore amphetamines at truck stops. In general rhetoric about america ever being more great that it is now falls on the deafest of all my ears, the ears that are painted onto my imaginary second head. Those are the ears I use to hear that kind of nonsense - But! There is a vital truth and that is that you used to just be able to get amphetamines when you needed them. So driving through the night was the chosen route - now, in PA this is a problem because the nothing-towns that comprise that benighted state shut down at like 6:30 sharp, closed & darkened nothing villages. This sucks if you need gas or amphetamines - which you are going to need.

So we are in some nowhere town with a tiny college comprised of one big building standing on top of a hill just outside of town (there are 10,000 towns like this in PA). I've come to this town from off the highway because signs indicate that it may have gas & there's some kind of store that seems to be open where I can get gasoline - it seems. So I'm heading for that - and it's closed, and lit up, and locked, and has an open sign and is locked & abandoned, and.

Behind the place- a circle-K - there's a graveyard, a big one - like a post-war one, with a lot of flat monuments with the retractable flower-pots. It's around 11, autumn, autumn night. The place is abandoned, but there are cars parked all up and down the street - empty cars, abandoned. or well, parked, but County-Fair style, where they're using up half the road in either direction so the two-lane macadam becomes a single lane down the middle - the town's hard to navigate the only light that's on is the locked up & empty but open Circle K and... and the firelight coming from the far, wooded end of the graveyard.

OBVIOUSLY I needed to check this shit out. So I park too, county fair style and then I start heading out. Or, no - no instead I have an 80 pound lady's hand-grip still etched into my bicep, Littlemarauder Would Not Have It. Tears even, and so much terror-clutching. The actual words elude me, but I remember a lot of screaming and pleading. To me, a tire iron is salutory to all fears to littlemarauder - escape is the only answer to mysterious dark & shutdown towns.

I didn't leave her alone in the car, I didn't drag her into weird satanism, I made good time and went to NYC instead.

I hate Pennsylvania.

I wonder if I'll find out what youngster Agatha is made of when crossing it. If we'll face midnight black masses in unnamed shutdown-towns. I wonder if I'd be more scared nowadays? Or if she'd be scared.


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