May. 12th, 2016

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Always something demanding attention.

I meant to say that at the ballgame in the final inning the closer came out to pitch. There was a 3 minute video montage & theme music, all the players have a theme song when they come to bat now, but the closer has this impressive video about how intimidating he is, how great. I thought - see, I could never have that job. I mean, you walk out to the mound with your theme music & video going, throw a home run like a sucker & you still have to stand there and pitch at least 9 more times. He didn't throw a hit though, which was nice for him, but that's where I went immediately - my train of thought is all about how to survive defeat.

I guess I don't mind defeat exactly, but posing as unbeatable and then getting beaten? I don't know - maybe that's not so bad. I was thinking about this when I was writing before & then I was distracted from thinking about it by Big Problems at work - the email. MX records, distribution groups- arcana & terms of art, I was in a bad place with a lot of people not getting their mail, and it was until this morning that I finally fixed it - but I did fix it. The video-montage of me & my theme song playing as all the inbound orders are intercepted by the idiot spam filter, ignored & sent back, marked inappropriate content. Frustrating, that's what it is. That's a bad day at work, is what I'm saying. Solving it is a good day @ work and I solved it and am good.

Also we got a scissor lift & I went on the roof a bunch & installed these cool p2p WiFi extenders over the whole campus - power tools & cabling tools - fun stuff.


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