Jul. 15th, 2016

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In a surprise to no one I'm pretty good at this game about walking around! There are people in my neighborhood and around - other Gym Leaders - who are ahead of me and a bunch of lucky jerks seem to have hatched Snorlaxes but I'm doing B+ gaming here! It's fun, if you didn't know or were wondering about trying. The first friday it was out I walked up by the library and there was a small crowd forming of locals who have no other reasons to speak to one another- but we'd all been drawn under the ugly statues in search of... Pikachu. Pikachu brought my community together. Then the game glitched out and we were all left groaning.

I feel its needless to talk about the details of pokemon here - if somehow I forget about specific pokes or what they're about then, well, something super bad has probably happened to my brain. I won't memorialize my pokemon experiences too much except to say how much I'm looking forward to Sun/Moon come the Autumn.

Last night we went to the outdoor movie that the community hosts and I gave kiddo my phone to hunt pokes with her friends (she caught a ghastly! And a Koffing!) while I made nice with neighbors and met some new ones - this one dude - he's got that precision geekiness that you have when you're in CS -and I ask him and he is- in CS - "I work at a place called Malwarebytes as a Software Engineer."

"Sir I work at an asphalt factory as a Sysadmin and I'd just like to thank you so much for all you've done." Real-Life Heroes right in the neighborhood.

Otherwise - I've been bailing on PnP gaming a lot- I've also been failing to work on my products - My self imposed deadline is the end of August and I'm not too far from hitting that - maybe I'm just reacting to the summer by taking it off. Summer vacation... Man. We all need that right? Lazy days, I need more of those.

I ended up in a flurry of activity as it seems members of the janitorial staff stole quite a lot of merchandise off my desk while they were in varying states of programming and deprogramming and none of them had on their MDM software - so serial numbers are now a best guess and tracking is out of the question. One day later and this couldn't have happened, one day before and it couldn't have happened - perfect timing Wicked Janitors - I flip my bird at you.

I was very happy to have my super-tech contractor come in all day yesterday after not having seen him for a few months - it's good to have someone at work who's smarter than you and knows about & is interested in interesting things - here in the office there's a lot of 2nd amendment bullshitting and waaaay too much discussion of other departments & the work itself. It's not difficult stuff - doesn't need much discussion. Anyhow he got me onto this 'recover the precious metals from your old electronics' notion and I guess maybe I'll do that - I have a bunch of rare earth magnets that are fun to have around - I have had a project in mind that revolves around the hideous statues at the library - the ugly arches. I've looked into the artist that made them and I feel there's a little bit of trolling in him - but making the ugly faced robot kid-arch I feel is kind of a challenge - so later, I'm gonna get measurements of the faces and make masks - attractive masks? Maybe, I'm not great at art myself - and magnet them to the ugly - I think this is NICE GUY style.


Otherwise I don't write because so much has gone on - so much. Little GiGi - my sister's unphotographable daughter turned 4 and her party at the ice-cream factory was nice- my brother came up from cbus and brought his little new baby! Who is wonderful and kind of named after me and sis (I will insist). I had to apologize to sister and Gigi at her second party the next day - "Sorry I didn't pay close enough attention as I was hypnotized by Sam's wonderful baby." I was forgiven, it's understood - our family's new Baby is magnificent. We all love her and all babies - though her most of all. But babies, I do love babies. Love. Without a jot of insincerity.

I think that's enough for now. I think I'm good. I do hope I feel like making something soon. A says - "Do what you feel like doing." Which I do without prompting. "I just want to feel like doing something useful."


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