Aug. 7th, 2016

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So day 4 of taking anti-depressents and I'm pretty sure that not only is society to blame but also will endure the consequences.

Minutes ago at the crossroads I got to stare down a fellow who is smaller than me Smaller & wekaer - I got to stare him down at the crossroads like you do the devil, hey. says I, and nothing says he because we are men and our language (should we choose, foolishly to speak is murder). Oh shit son (older man who thought he was ace) I'm bigger and stronger than you and you better take a long glance at the sidewalk while I drunkenly ponder the Robins1. You best know that I have the sharpest teeth of all the teeth!.

I do too. I use peroxide to make sure they're extra shiny. And straight. Oh man, I'm the worst dude to meet at the crossroads, cause of my skill at biting also at fighting and shit son, I'm stronger than you.

Before that I put in an hour at the club dancing to MJ B-Sides. Weird but DJ's are crazy. I ease into hard dance by drinking an amount of absinthe and rye - oh...

Before that I was hanging with my old lady who used to be my old lady but who is deep-in with the women and wants badly, to go be with the michigan wymnyns festival afterthought - a party I'm really, really not invited to but we have a drink or two and make some plans and she ditches me for ladies....

No blame. Right - we all want to be in our place. I figure to dare people to stop me - that being my place. I make people answer my questions playing questions. Gary effing Johnson - I dare you to talk at me about late capitalism.

In the game of questions between the Quebequious (a guy I met) and the DC transpalant from A-kron (his girlfriend) I announce that of the historical people I would choos,e to be if I coudl be - the Great Helmsman Our Grat Red Sun Chairman Mao.

Chariman Mao saw some shit, dude did did wrong for sure, but hardened his edge on the long march, fella did the things, the big things you can't image and then died out boning models. So yeah. If you gotta be a guy from history Chairman Mao is winning style. He did that thing where he made teenagers destroy society like in a Corman movie.

So that talk and then the X-Files on TeeVee and then an amount of time making my own outsider art and my own insider RPG. The story I tell is how I run for people who were at Lake Geneva and they like me better than they liked old Gary.

X-Files An episode about Hale-Bopp and the cult and I can only think about what it was to be handosome in the 90's and how easy the living was.

I walk home after dancing and talking at length with the indigents (my people the other wanderers, the other fearless broken fools tha tbeg & ask without a thought. Do you want a cigarette? Cause I do too, and also, which of the corners are the ones where you can go to ask.

Not above it, you dig? And whatever not a habit. I do what I want.

I dance till late and glare down the man in the dark. This is my crossroads. This is where I'm stronger than you and also...

This is where I catch my Nidorian motherfucker. I'm good at pokemon and fighting and scaring strangers in the dark!

Anyway Monstering.


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