Aug. 22nd, 2016

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Where to begin right? It's been busy. Earlier in august, faded & eased in the deep heat of summer we played this game where I improvise made up names for all the flowers. I reason that upon a time once this is what people did and why should they get all the chances when I'm alive and here and they are dead. Above see: Raccoons' Whispers.

Years ago, now, though it seems only months or weeks, there was another game of improvisation, and one before that - I think it must have started with the King of the Fairies, a bedtime story that's quite nice and went on to be beloved by thousands of unique visitors on my other blog. Then we played the game of 'Tell me about your other children dad!' which is played at restaurants waiting for food. Starting with A you work through the alphabet and describe the child & the terrible circumstances of their untimely death. I won't like - having gone through the alphabet a couple of times in a few years I went back to the same well a few times & a nontrivial percentage of my madeup children have died at the fins of Carps. Filthy carps.

Now it's making up flower names - it started out with Mexican Fairy Puzzles and has continued.

Through the week not much happened. Dinner with my folks is brief & kind of cursory - my brother-in-law is there and I get to play with his little daughter who is in a great stage of childhood where everything she does is prefaced by dramatic refusal. "Uncle is here! I want to hug him, but first I shout no and run and run." Sorry kid, I ain't chase anyone and especially after work. By the end she's after what all little kids crave & that is for a tall man to put them on the ceiling. Dad is quiet & mom is assertive in her plaintive way. Brother-In-Law is not to whatever place he gets to that causes him to rave like a maniac about politics. It's pleasant and I go home and am beat.

Tuesday I get caught in the rain in Shaker Square doing after-work work, I'm soaked on through and water drips off my glasses for the rest of the day, long after the rain is gone. Home & relax. This is a pattern - home & relax. Wednesday we do Dungeon World- though halfheartedly with half the players & the story progress halted - meantime the DM & his friend are thrilled up and down about their metal album dropping the next day and their hip-hop album dropping the day before. We have a useful conversation about self-promotion & I think a lot about how to sell books. I drink too much wine since they drink too little. You can't leave the bottles just open. That's wasteful, it'll be spoiled to vinegar if you just leave it. I think. I'll stick with that.

Then on to a blur of days culiminating in the weekend. Kid is a champion here's what she did:

A way's back she inherited my old roommate's fancy gaming computer - a big beast with neon lights and a bunch of noisy fans. I don't use it, I don't want it. Console for me. She has it and I do a very little work on it - installing her drawing tablet for example, hardware that needs a little intervention. She wants the Sims 4 and buys it with her going-back-to-school gift money, that and board games, no clothes, no, not her. EA makes a game that's a pain in the ass to install and that needs a bunch of nonsense - I don't want to help her so I tell her to figure it out herself. She does it, installs visual basic, all the other dependencies, figures out the updates & everything. I'm pleased as punch, good for her - figure out how to work your computer.

Earlier we'd bought a pineapple and eaten it up and while at the grocery in the baking aisle she noticed that there's lemon curd & cherry filling and so on but no pineapple pie filling - so I look up ways to make pinepple pie and sunday we made 5 of them.

The pineapple coconut chess pie was the winner - something I'd make to take to a party. The sour-cream-pineapple with merengue was the hardest to make and has the most promise - as a thing to eat, but asks for practice at making.

Today she's at the zoo with her Gramma & little cousin and I'm at work grubbing about with wiring and office remodeling. This is all there is, watching summer fade out and doing all that can be done to extract the pieces of happiness we can out of it.

Oh - somewhere along the way we had our favorite Chinese kind of food and watched Kubo & the Two Strings which was wonderful.


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