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A Jinglestaff – Priests of the Mnemnion consider all living things to be alive & to possess animating souls – as such they hold that harming any living being is an unfortunate wickedness.  They carry these types of Jinglestaves – light metal poles 10’ long, carved with a spiraling pattern of prayers and topped with a headpiece of jingling wind-chimes.  The intention of the stick is to help the priests focus on their prayers and to startle & frighten off any animals they might encounter so that there’s no danger of them having to fight them off, potentially killing them.  Since these priests are strictly pacifistic, It’s not too hard to get one of these staves, if you want it.

Diabolical Hand – You’ve got a diabolical demonic claw-hand.  It’s certainly at odds with just about any religion and it marks you as a heretic.  It’s your left hand and you can keep it hidden sometimes, but it’s also a serviceable weapon.  If you use your satanic hand to swear oaths or pledge allegiances you can’t be held accountable and really – who could expect you to be.  So why do you have this hand?  What did you do to get a horrible claw-hand from hell?

A Buried General’s Armor – In antique times the empress would quite rightly be entombed with effigies of her multitudes, representations of her endless sea of retainers.  Naturally  these would be interred in the burial site clothed in the arms & armor of their living reflections.  Over the course of events it’s just as natural that these effigies would be revealed by pernicious nature and that the ghost-empress would lead this army of golems to conquer the world once again.  Win or lose the mummy-army of the empress took the field in their splendid antique coats of arms – and now you have one, a memento of two eras of merciless conquest.

Some Blue Gods’ Thoughts – In the exotic outback of your homeland there are shrines built at all the cardinal & ordinal points – intermittently across great distances, these are shrines to the 8 Blue Gods – genii of wind & weather.  Their wills & the nature of Fate & Destiny itself is told by the motion of fans within these temples, fans of blue-tinted porcelain & glass, dyed & styled according to the 8 gods’ varied forms.  A Dragon, A Dove, A Raven, A Moth – for the Cardinal gods & for the ordinal: A Cloud, A Star, A Rainbow & A Zephyr.  These gods & their signs inhabit these fans – which function nicely as lovely fans, but which also are essential to proper fortunetelling.  You’ve got 8 of the fans which you use in your divinations.

An Alien’s Space Helmet – As hats go yours doesn’t quite fit, its got a peculiar shape and shapelessness & it’s made of a lustrous metal that’s deceptively light.  It’s a weird hat all right.  You found it, one day, in a shallow rudimentary grave – you didn’t mean to rob the grave, you were just plowing, like normal, and you dug up something strange – a burial site for someone that wasn’t quite a person.  Five arms, three legs, a couple of heads?  That’s what you suspect based on the ‘bones’ but they weren’t really bones.  The hat though – it wasn’t damaged, it wasn’t even scratched.  You handled it and it seemed…nice.   And you put it on your head and what do you know – it is nice.  Nice as in friendly, as in helpful.  It speaks!  This magic hat.  Gibberish at first, but over time it’s begun to talk in your language.  It knows things, about sums & distances, weights & measures.  Sometimes it gives you handy tips on how to accomplish things you’d normally struggle with, have to write down.  It’s a peculiar hat alright, but helpful.
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