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I mean, if you want to know the facts of it it's pretty simple and exactly what you must have come to expect. I found love again and this time in a cave.

My thing is that energy. I feel very lazy, I feel very like a log lying still, and yet... It seems I get a lot done. NaNoWriMo is passing away and I feel a little sorrow that I didn't write a novel this year, but hey, I made some other books. A few actually. Not novels, splatbooks & supplements for my cool OSR game about art & creation. I made those.

I made pictures and art for a lady too. That energy you know, to make & do & do again.

In her cool car she takes us to KY to see the longest cave and the birthplace of Lincoln. And people, and cities and small towns and nice places. All nice places. It's again that thing of brief moments and long travels, and a far off place where she lives and I can barely go.

I do okay in this mode. I have the most to offer the frequently absent object of my affection as I'm frequently absent. Busy, complicated. And yet.

There are those moments where you evolve a thought & practice toward a new kind of life which can accommodate the other and this is really where I fall down when it comes to love as, as-it-happens there's the constant impediment of MeMyselfandI which is protected and unassailable - not owing to much but the various insecurities imposed by late capitalism. It's all too expensive you see and impossible. Except when it isn't. When dreams overthrow the banks of sense. You get it, you understand carried away. As one is when they find love in a cave. Who knows how fleeting, who knows what forever is or never.

But only think of me if you have some spare plane tickets to offer.
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