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It's almost December, I don't know what I expected.

It's the cold legs and wet feet that are getting to me now. Knowing that for the next few months that's what it'll be cold legs, wet feet, scratchy skin, man I'm drying up. Dusty.

It is, however, Bitches, Payday. Everything is alright when you're flush right? I'm right, it's better on payday, you kiss harder, sleep easier, step livelier.

Today I'm remembering about something I was working on the year before this year. This has been a long year, and a pretty good one, I started up on my spellbook idea, and that's satisfactory - but I kind of left a lot of other things in the wind. Here are the things I did accomplish: Came up with most of a pretty good OSR style game- I think it's going to be pretty slick. Then, I ran a very strong campaign which I think is shaping into a publishable form. I painted a little and I learned a whole hell of a lot about electronics. Meantime, I remembered the other day about my aspiration to put together a satisfactory space-opera game, planetary romance with some harder SF edges and I was reading up on my old files. I like reading what I've written, but usually, only after it's sat for a year or two. Once I've forgotten it. I do like it, there's always a congratulatory laugh or grin - some turn of phrase I'm proud of myself for having used or some idea I'm excited to remember having had. Timebombcapsules.

This laminated reminder was stapled up at my bus-stop - I can't get enough of it. Is it advertising? "Eat. Turkey. Dinner. Period." You'd think someone at the print shop would mention that - you know what? Maybe we should put an address, at least a phone number, maybe a URL. Something. Nope.

Please make sure you eat a Turkey Dinner this week Wednesday at 6:00 PM. This will please Odin, who never ordinarily has Turkey dinners. Because of Thor and Abe Lincoln.

I need to go home, I need to cash my check and go home and be glad about things and tidy up my domicile.

Everything's crooked.
Except when it isn't.

I'm not proud of my appearance today. I sat through a 3 hour meeting and am barely functioning on a human level, but I will keep up my tradition.

Many ideas about planets that need to be collected more fully )


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