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... Besides a little older.  There are a lot of birthdays in the old household this month - and so a little less time was devoted to this than maybe would have been best. And yet!  Look at the abundance, the multitudes-  consider - every item a story - every character who has one?  A Legend.


Rolled Up - Ready Pocket-Size Pinstripe Murdering Cause

Thought Up - Unhesitating Revenge on the Little Mobster - Everyone needs a cause, something to believe in.  One of yours is revenge - revenge against that little murdering bastard that stole so many of your loved ones from you.  You're ready, eager even, to plunge a dagger or ten into the short, foppish degenerate - whenever you see him.

Does What? Maneuver - Whenever you are facing the little gangster or his crew you get +10 to your initiative score.


Rolled Up - Broad Bark Helmet

Thought Up - Cap of the Woods  - Fashioned of birchbark & oak leaves this helmet helps you remain hidden in the deep woos & its broad brim protects your eyes from sudden glares caused by gaps in the canopy.

Does What? Suggested Maneuver - When you have the Cap & are in the woods you can reduce your Search Die by 2 steps.


Rolled Up - Despicable Ancient Granite Raft

Thought Up - The Massacre Plinth - Why you have this and what it could be used for remains to be seen, but you have a granite plinth that has been carved in an ancient age to resemble a raft.  The plinth was used in genocides of old.  The brutal antagonists would lash their adversaries to the raft and then laugh hideously as they 'set sail'.  Plinths like these sometimes show up on the shore - when the tide goes out - and here and there curious parties have gathered these implements of genocide as macabre mementos.

Does What? Suggested Maneuver - Sled the Stone Raft - Using the raft as a toboggan you can steer it into an adversary running over them with terrific force.


Rolled Up - Surreal Avant-Garde Lace Light Scavenged Screaming Costume

Thought Up - Nonsense Gown - You fashioned this dress out of scavenged bits of mismatched lace.  Its many mismatched patterns is difficult for people to look at, but it's impossible for them to look away.  The dress is a mishmash of frayed lace & none-too-subtle voids & gaps.  Naturally this dress, your dress, is best used for your ritualistic screaming fugues.

Suggested Maneuver - Dress Scream -  You're empowered when wearing your dress so that you shout with terrific force & terrible pitch.  Your screams shake the nerve of those who fail a save vs. devices - they take an amount of damage.


Rolled Up - Pitiful Behemoth Silvery Pouch

Thought Up - Tatty Whale-Coinpurse - This is a purse for carrying coins that's fashioned from the skin & hair of a cetacean.  The purse has seen better days, it's worn & greasy to the point of having a silvery sheen.

Suggested Maneuver - Spare Change - Shake the pure & turn it inside & out and you'll sometimes shake out one last coin that you'd misplaced.

Rolled Up - Tame Large Homemade Corrugated Resisting Tomato

Thought Up - Shaming Bomb - Toiling at home you've come up with the perfect fruit - the perfect fruit for pelting politicians & celebrities.  It's corrugations allow it to be thrown with terrific accuracy, it has a heavy, steady mass to it and it contains within it an abundance of juices & seeds which burst upon the target, soaking & sliming them at once.  This tomato specimen rots quickly and yet stays firm enough to be thrown - so it's not great for eating but for its principle use it is sublime.

Suggested Maneuver - Shaming Pelt - You fling your tomato(s) at someone who is using their social dice.  If you hit their dice are both reduced by 2 die tiers.


Rolled Up - Durable Grooved Bronze Homemade Dooming Sloth

Thought Up - Dooming Sloth - In the fashion of the augers who track the motion of birds, your people have watched the slow motion of sloths to anticipate what is to come.  Now, traveling is traveling and carrying with you a few sloths for their facility at anticipating the future is just outside of reason.  Instead you have your own personal bronze-sloth - something like the antikythera mechanism - but shaped like a corrugated sloth.  Naturally it portends the end of the world based upon the mechanical sloth's expectations regarding the eventualities of multiple comet strikes, fateful eclipses & planetary alignments.  To say nothing of the retreat of the ice & the advance of the barbarous steppes folk.

Does What? Suggested Maneuver - You can store an anticipation in your bronze sloth.  So long as it's in your possession and you've had time to study it you can use your anticipation to re-roll a saving throw once per day.


Rolled Up - Broken Fantastic Dentifrice

Thought Up - Faded Tooth Powder - This medicinal aid is a powder that when applied to the teeth would repair damage & improve the sparkle of one's mouth-stones.  It got wet though, ruined, but just a little.  The powder still will repair one's teeth but they all turn fantastic shades of varried colors.

Does What? Suggested Use - This is a healing item - so it can be applied to grant healing to a subject.  It should offer benefits & assistance when it's used to repair bones or teeth - increasing the healing granted by 2 die steps.


Rolled Up - Absolute Grand Scalp

Thought Up - Magnificent Coiffure - You've got the grandly flowing & supremely beautiful hair of a living god.  It cascades over your head & face in tremendous, thick waves.  It is the envy of everyone.

Suggested Maneuver - Flashing Headbob - you can toss your glossy hair in a provocative motion that distracts your opponents.  You can use this move to increase your Initiative by a die step.


Rolled Up - Quintessential Outsized Timeless Murky Berry Bird

Thought Up - A Four Winged Hoatzin - An Ur-Bird, one of the most ancient of the aves - your Hoatzin has a peculiar reptilian digestion, four wings, clumsy flight & a bad smell.  It ferments berries in its gut and exudes a rotten odor.  It is large & flies proficiently but is clumsy and resembles the movements of a bumblebee more than an eagle.  Your Hoatzin is one of an exemplary type-  bred for show & contest it is a champion in this rarefied field.

Suggested Maneuver - Noxious Belching Bird - Your hoatzin is trained enough to obey complex commands & it can belch out the murk of its guts creating a sickening smell that can affect a group of people.


Rolled Up - Timeless Ringed Quill Lyre

Thought Up - Old Melody Maker - The composer's lute has been around a long, long time and it hasn't been the possession, in that time, of just one person - rather The Composer is a title, granted and passed on to those in the court who compose the court's music.  The lyre itself has a stout body to it, which braced against the hip whilst playing allows The Composer to make notes & write music (using the cleverly attached inkwell & quill) whilst playing.  The instrument itself is plucked with five metal & horn rings which also fit into compartments on the body of the lyre.

Suggested Maneuver - Write the Major Theme - You compose a song during a fight or encounter based upon the actions of your cohort.  Thereafter, if you play this composed theme while they perform the same actions (more or less), they all get a bonus - usually to AC, Initiative or To-Hit.


Rolled Up - Mighty Overweight  Cubic  Cellulose Brooch

Thought Up - The Mighty Die - a heavy six-sided die made of alchemically prepared tree pulp.  It is transparent & can be worn as a brooch - though it is quite dense & heavy.  When rolled it produces only the best result - always a '6'.  The weight & heft rule it be so and so it is an unfair, but powerful die.

Suggested Maneuver - Boxcar to the Face - The innocuous die is much heavier than it looks - when you pelt someone with it it strikes for d8 damage & you double your To-Hit bonus against those who've never seen the die thus used.


Rolled Up - Zinc Manacles    

Thought Up - Crackling Cuffs - These manacles are not particularly strong, in fact they're slightly brittle - but they do have a couple of advantages over simple iron manacles.  First-  they stain the wrists and ankles of those they've been fixed to.  Second - they emit a rustling 'cry' when they are bent or disturbed-  this is loud enough to alert you to them being tampered with in your presence.

Suggested Maneuver - Cuff 'Em - When an enemy makes a melee attack against you, the to-hit roll of which does not excede your Armor Class - you can attempt a counterattack using these manacles.  You make an attack against the attacker & if you succeed, one of their extremities is bound securely in the manacle.


Rolled Up - Comical Petite Sapphire Bayonet

Thought Up - Sucker's Sword Charm - You've a little charm, sapphire, gaudy.  It hangs on a chain & you're meant to hang it from the handle of your own weapon, you've been told it brings luck, more importantly, you've been advised that ignoring it or abandoning it will bring certain death.  So you have this little charm that you can keep on your sword and everyone will know why and They Will All Laugh At You.

Suggested Maneuver - Dazzling Daze - When the sun is high in the sky you can whip your sword about flashing the charm in an almost hypnotic motion.  Those who see it must save vs. Devices or lose their next turn.


Rolled Up - Nice Full-Size Spying Lemur  

Thought Up - Your Friend Joey - It's Joey The Lemur, the friend to mankind.  A furry sort of monkey friend, he really does shine!  Your lemur is nice.  Your lemur is a clever spy as well.  It sneaks & creeps & returns.  It can't talk, poor thing, but it can draw in the dust & sand just fine, and in this respect it's handy to have because it gathers scouting information for you, secretive like.

Suggested Maneuver - Clever Rescuer - You've trained your lemur to save you from some types of danger - whenever you're tied up or trapped in some way Joey can help you escape.  It takes him d4 rounds to do so.


Rolled Up - Recreational Considerable   Cotton Cloak

Thought Up - Hopscotch Mantle - You wrap yourself doubly or triply in this big cotton cloak.  It's thin enough that that isn't encumbering, and its thin enough that you need to wrap it that way to get warmth out of it.  Of course it has other uses - and they're all detailed on the embroidered & printed patterns that lie upon its surface.  There are a variety of games & simple pastimes that the cloak can be used to help you play - it's a sporting garment for the garden set.

Suggested Maneuver - Preparatory Exercise - Using the cloak as an exercise guide has a beneficial quality for you and your aides who all improve their initiative die by one step on the next conflict they face, as the exercises give them the dash & pep they need to win.

Each of these was made with love using the indispensable Book of Ten Trillion Things

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Ready Pocket-Size Pinstripe Murdering Cause is well done.


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