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2012-11-17 09:37 pm

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Just to mention that today I'm up something like 80 pages.  I feel exactly like I will burst into flames.  I don't even know about time anymore. 

I'm thinking it's going to come in somewhere in the vicinity of 90,000 words and I think it's the best thing I could or have made, so that's good.  I think I could flip a car right now.

I think I'm going to go back and do a big revision on my other books, I think I have a lot to add and change now. 

Meantime, I started having ideas about next year's book.  So here's that -

The School.  They say it's old but everything is.  The school is made of rocks that are stacked without mortar, they were all once part of other buildings so they don't match.  Some of them are carved, some of them are just quarried and rough hewn.  When a room isn't big enough the rocks are moved and the school is made bigger.  When a smaller room would be sensible though, nothing is done.  "Why should we move the rocks?  Sit closer to the instructor." is what the instructors say.  The wall can be moved because there is no roof.  High in the Mistgather hills it does not rain, does not snow and the dew that gathers sometimes doesn't respect roofs in any case. 

The school is for all the Kadat.  The young boys born to the hill tribes who learn thier sins almost when they learn their names - and the lowlander men & fathers who come up to the hills to learn the old religion - who come to the school used up by the Empire and so, in a sense, already schooled  But the children sit and learn alongside men and fathers how best to embrace their sin & listen to their angel.  No women learn at the school.  All women have the same sin - which is the perpetuation of sin, the condemnation of the innocent.  The damned world wouldn't go on without them.  Everyone knows this & everyone has a duty to renounce their mother though they may take pride in her.  The virtue of a woman, they say, is found in the wickedness of her children.

All of this is known.  Before one ever goes to the School for Sins in the mistgather hills where what is taught is to listen for the angels & to find one' own wicked path.