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It seems last year was caves and this year is resistance.

Listen. It's very dispiriting. But also.

The situation was this - and I understand the situation a little for reasons. The reasons:

The game store where we all used to meet to roll the dice is by the airport - right between there and some really unfortunate housing projects. Kind of a food desert. Kind of a messed up place to be. But cheap rent on storefronts for sure. So next to the game shop, for a long time, was this Somali restaurant - and it was REAL Somali - as in for & by the local Somali community. My family style Arabic barely got me a non-threatening glance (I know arabic isn't Somali or whatever dialect is spoken by African Horners - but it's still kind of spoken around & most people know about as much as I do). Anyhow - their goat was good - their rice was terrible. Always their parking lot was full of cabs - because the Somali community around here is made up of a lot of cab drivers and we kind of learned that, all about that by proximity.

So We're marching up the entryway to the airport - which I've previously walked up out of a mad rage of weird feelings (it's pretty weird to walk out of the airport- you factually may have to run across 2 or 4 lanes of freeway traffic) - so I kind of knew what was up and pointed out to my friend we were with that - well, this is a dead end route and if we want to go back on the train, we're going back the other way. Which we eventually did -but I was interested to see the Black & Red team leading the parade - it's interesting because this is march #2 for me this month & #3 for me in life - and I don't tire of seeing the fluid dynamism of groups of people and how some, who've trained & practiced, kind of lead the flock. (I did honestly think of the judas goat, truly. I don't sign up any petition, for example- because how many people asking for signatures are FBI? Probably a lot, that's my thought). But the black & red anarchists did a fair job of leading a march & chanting.

My experience of marching - the women's march the police were even a little smiley. This time at the airport there was a much more cold, aggressive look coming off of them. When seeking justice for Tamir - then the police were extremely hostile and did get shitty with people and it was intimidating and frightening.

This time - the cabs all rolled through the crowd - the cabbies had gone to get their families - to see what was being done - to see us and they came through with their fists up and waving and I for real got moved, with a feeling. Seeing people who would have been and might be put out and who I take to be part of the fabric of my city and knowing that there's a lot of us, who will do what we can for each other. It was good. I'm sentimental and I choked up.

I really don't know what else to do. Besides this. It's ceremonial, I think, demonstrating displeasure, finding the others. We talked to the people getting off at our train stop - a little. I wasn't very chatty. I try, but I'm a body in the crowd - my participation is a bit on the quiet side, but I'm very, very present. I didn't know what to say and we all shook our heads wondering if we'd be doing this again next week.

I mean, I really don't know. It's gone all crazy.
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