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It's weird, a lot of times, to be alive right now, the way things are. The new Pokemon game came out and it's great. If you didn't know, Pokemon is kind of something I know a lot about. It started innocently enough - just pointing it out to a little kid "Hey, there's this game about being an animal trainer you can try." She took it and ran, if you asked anyone who knows her, you'd hear that it's her main preoccupation. It's a pretty fun preoccupation so I don't mind. I got us a pair of expensive Pokemon machines (we have no other games for our 3DSes) and some games and we play and trade and do it all. Collectible Card Game, capsule toys, the whole thing. Pokemon is a big favorite. I like it fine myself - in the video-game there's a weird level of hidden depth that makes it satisfying to play over and over - and I like funny inclusions like this:

Agatha got grounded from Pokemon mostly because her mother is unreasonable and just straight up wrong about the importance of elementary school and her weird, unnatural hostility to a good time. Seriously -just a frowny-face-weirdo about pokemon. Nevertheless, the new game comes in two cartridges and I got one for me and one for A, and shhhh, don't tell, but I don't punish a kid for whatever happens at school, Shhh, don't tell - I think her mom is a mean old drag. Don't tell.

So I let her play and we play it up, well - I do. Shoot, I played it all up like a fool.
These are the evolutionary stages of the starting fire-type (there's a whole rock-paper-scicsors with the 18 elemental types) I named my little Fennekin Gobi- thinking I'd name all my fire-types after Deserts. But really, I didn't have any more than just Gobi here - who mystified me by transforming into a little girl-witch-fox, well, a cross-dresser witch-fox (all the pokemon who have genders are cis-gendered and this is significant for the purposes of breeding - which is a big deal). Anyhow, I was all, it's a girl but a boy now and it was weird in the mini-game element where you pet your Pokemon and feed it bonbons. Then it evolved into some kind of wizard Druid with a fucking necktie - I was super happy about this. Some kind of shamanic journey of the Fennekin who became a wizard.


Aside from that we decided to try and build ourselves some electronics - soldering was pretty new to both of us, but she'd definitely done it more recently than me. We both did pretty good though - and I hope to get the batteries and test this beast later today. We got 6 of them, so we could make a cube (maybe, or a wall decoration, we'll mess with it.) I'll let you know how it goes.

I have to explain to you - I'm going away - for the first time in forever in two days, just going away, and I'm really excited and uncertain about it - leaving Cleveland? It's been so long, what will happen? I never leave Cleveland, that's the thing about me even. God I gotta get the fuck out of this town, I need a new experience and new horizon if even briefly.


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