Jan. 19th, 2016

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I didn't feel good enough to face the cold the snow and the dark all at once today so I stayed home from work. I can do two of those three any day - sick, not sick, whatever - I can face them even if I've missed sleep or whatever. All three are too many strikes though - and I stayed home.

Once it was light I went down the street to get some supplies & medicines and I felt, I don't know - weirdly optimistic and adventurous. Like - I can go somewhere else! I should travel around and have a time - see something. Or do a thing you don't normally do.

But then I didn't because I don't have the most money just now and I don't even know. What am I gonna do? Ride around on the bus to a place? CLV - I've seen you all the way. Inside & out upside & down. I feel like... I can without fear of contradiction say that I've been to a lot of the city. I've ridden better than 70% of the bus lines, all the trains and been to every station. I've gone to every building at CSU - ever building at Public Square, a bunch of buildings downtown I wasn't even really supposed to go to - I've been all around this town - I've seen a lot of it.

I mean - hyperbole - for sure - there's probably 98% of the landmass that I've never actually touched - a bunch of roads I've never been down - but. So these are all the places I can possibly go on the RTA - and I've been to all of them more or less - check it out:
Bay Village – Been to several times
Beachwood – Go often, Kissed a Girl from there
Bedford – Used to go often, Kissed a girl from there
Bedford Heights – I’ve been there a bunch
Bentleyville – Yeah – I’ve even gone here! I sold a car to someone who lived there
Berea – got accepted to a college there, wandered around the college, kissed a girl from there
Bratenahl – Used to drive a schoolbus through it. For real.
Brecksville – Went to High School Here, Kissed a girl from there.
Broadview Heights – Went to High School there, kissed a girl from there – they share schools with Bville
Brook Park – Used to sell porno here, kissed a girl from there. Saw the second bill & ted movie at the theater they used to have
Brooklyn – Formerly lived there – Kissed a girl from there.
Brooklyn Heights – Formerly lived there – kissed a girl from there, visited most of the bars
Chagrin Falls – Mother is from here – grandfather had a restaurant at what is now the Starbucks. Visited often
Cleveland – Yeah…. All day long
Cleveland Heights – Live here, have been to every school building, library & most businesses – including the tea-party store & the isle of beads
Cuyahoga Heights – I’ve been to the big UPS facility a bunch of times – also the secret river-road that heads to the spooky reservoir – that you probably didn’t even know about.
East Cleveland – Daily trips to here for more than a year – drove the schoolbus and took the bus as well. Almost went to the abandoned observatory here but no.
Euclid – Lived there for almost two years – taught at the high school…
Fairview Park – Go there weekly – once sold porno there. Kissed a girl from there.
Garfield Heights – Used to sell porno there – once the street exploded and ate my store
Gates Mills – Sold a car to a guy there. Once went into a mansion owned by the sophisticrat’s parents – cannot really… accomplish anything there.
Glenwillow – Toured the ford plant when selling fords, kissed a girl from there.
Highland Heights – Yes, often – their library is neat. I walked the length of it with a child on my back by the weird little airport.
Highland Hills – Sometimes I take a long way home that goes through here there’s not that much to see
Hunting Valley – Oh man – yes, I’ve been there, I sold a car to a professional gardener who lived in the outbuilding of some palatial mansion. I don’t have the money to spend real time here, nor the inclination
Independence – Went to Kindergarden here – worked here too. Kissed a girl from there
Lakewood – One time, while I lived there, I went all the way up Detroit, then back all the way down Madison, looking for my car- because I abandoned it somewhere a mile or so from where I woke up on the sidewalk. Also I was born at that hospital
Linndale – Friends with the Mayor. Patronized the only business there.
Lyndhurst – yes, yes – I buy computer parts from there and also they somehow have a GW store – where you can watch guys paint figs – weird! Also, my Niece was born here and I had a beautiful time there once.
Maple Heights – Used to sell porno there. Kissed a girl from there.
Mayfield Heights – Regular visits to most of the places on Mayfield – buy my glasses there and kissed a girl from there.
Mayfield – I don’t think it really is a different place than Mayfield heights but whatever – yes, I’ve been all in that place – I worked there for a few months.
Middleburg Heights – been there often, went to a UFOlogist meeting hosted by a middle-school friend of mine. They meet at a hotel there.
Moreland Hills – Unless you live there I don’t think there’s a reason to go there ever – maybe you’d pass through if you were going from Euclid to Chagrin falls? That’s the experience I had there.
Newburgh Heights – I used to go there a lot – for no real reason except that it’s kind of optimally situated on 77 if you wanna go get gas & snacks? There’s not much to speak of there – but I like their town hall. Also – I had a war with this Ingress dude about it – it’s his base.
North Olmsted – Worked there, kissed a girl from there – walked it’s length & breath over the summer looking for my NASA friend’s house
North Randall – Used to go to the mall there- have been to the abandoned mall there – also bet on horses there – or thereabouts – I guess that’s Northfield really? But it’s like, across the street.
North Royalton – Used to hang out at my friend’s house there- they had ham radio antennas that were the subject of zoning disputes & which had a few patents associated with them – also went often to a restaurant there in a building owned by my old pop – also ate donuts at the place with the same name as me. Kissed a girl from there.
Oakwood – Bottom of the barrel much? Yeah, I’ve been there – what’s there? Why is this even a place?
Olmsted Falls – g.r.o.s.s. Like – every person I’ve met from there is gothic as fuck & I’ve been there and, whatever- I’ve been there. Kissed a girl from there.
Orange – Frequent visitor for the club-stores which I used to be all about- also commuted through when I lived in Solon.
Parma – Lived there a long time – I bet I know more about that place than you. Have been to the Tomb of Chef boi Ardee – have been to the CCC campus, all the High Schools, half the churches. Have followed the big-creek through underground tunnels, have kissed a girl from there.
Parma Heights – Lived there – also baptized there. Also kissed a girl from there.
Pepper Pike – Whatever, Yes- it’s a pike, there’s fuckall there if you don’t live there.
Richmond Heights – Weird place- I’ve been to it. There’s not much to say. I walked all through it on the same instance where I walked all through and under an airport.
Rocky River – Yes, I’ve seen it all. That you can see from stupid Detroit rd. All the people I know from there are kinda sad in a dumb way.
Seven Hills – Lived there for a few years & attended pre-school there. Smoked my first cigarette there. Kissed a girl from there. Could not find all 7 hills.
Shaker Heights – yes, this place, I’ve been to that square and had ingress battles about it. Kissed a girl from there.
Solon – Worked there on two occasions – saw it all while driving around as a car salesman.
South Euclid – All through it and up & down. Yeah.
Strongsville – Go often, sold Porno there, go every year on Xmas & they have the good Salvation Army
University Heights – Yes, I live right by it – I stayed a weekend at JCU as a child.
Valley View – What is there besides the movie theater? That trail that follows the river – I walked it to Akron once.
Walton Hills – I went to get a new van there when I sold cars.
Warrensville Heights – So many of these places are barely even places at all. Yes, I’ve been there, I kissed a girl from there.
Westlake – Yes, I’ve been there with some frequency, I seriously considered living there.
Woodmere – This is such a no-place- it’s literally a shopping center between other shopping centers on Mayfield – have been there. Yes.

I don't even want to go in a car At All but I want someone to drive me out of this town to somewhere I haven't been where there is something to do that I haven't attempted before. That's how it is.


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