Mar. 28th, 2016

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Just thoroughly depleted.  The problem, mainly, working in manufacturing is that it starts too fucking early.  I'm feeling it today.

Weekend.  Weekend was without cub so I planned ahead & made good progress in the art of rampaging.  It's nice to have neighbors who share your hobbies, and a reasonable club within walking distance.  Ended up dancing for a goodly & strong amount of time & felt powerful about it.  Tell me if this is the kind of thing that happens to you:

You're there, and pretty loaded already - you've been at the beer since earlier because you were running your friends through the procedurally generated underworld tunnel - in wihch they fight huge salamanders & meet the ghost-dwarf.  You put away a goodly quantity of beer and then rush home to change & meet your dance-partner.  Then of course, you take a sip of whiskey to keep you warm on the walk - at the club you're interested & ready but it's pretty early still.  They seem to be showing a Pee-Wee movie you've not seen before on the TV and you get a little distracted while the old man sitting at the bar near you is reading something that looks like a bible but is cyrillic so you're not quite sure.

Then you do dance and really don't stop after a while, except here and there-  then that one guy shows up and he's that one guy who is better at dancing than you are - and not just better but seriously superior & he gets the dancefloor to himself for a moment & breaks out his b-boy top-shelf styles and you've got to clap and clap.  Obviously you get him one of whatever you're having and have a nice talk where he introduces himself by way of his business card and an inviation to go to his dance-school.  Every time, the one dude at the club who's better at dancing than me is the dance teacher.  Every time.  We have a nice chat & then outside the cyrillic reading man starts yelling about Ghengis khan and tells me his book is Japanese & it is a russian translation of the Taheiki and he's shouting about the Mongols & I have to point out that Europeans, for Europeans the Mongols resonate still - but in the States, in the west, most of the culture is like that of the Mongols, if they'd have won out & won the peace as well.  I point out that Khublai Khan's kids didn't speak mongolian, that they'd lost the peace with China, he starts shouting about Subodai and also yells about being a Tartar, whcih he is, later he dances too.

Afterward you take your dance partner home & wake up at some unspecified too-early of a time after falling asleep with the rising sun & then you go to your mother's house for family holiday & sluggishly talk to your people because you're tired and it was a really long trip on a crowded bus where you had to sit next to a really gross old lady prostitute who talked incessantly about jail & fucking with her old lady prositute friend in a really unpleasant way that depressed you & then you listen to your young cousins who are all on the cusp of marriage and talking about feelings that you find to be kind of stupid having come to realize that people's functions in your life are more or less interchangeable & that no-one is special except for sentimental reasons and that you think they are crazy for getting married at all let alone at such a young age and the you take the bus home and get mad about all the texts you're getting and then try to chill out but are being contantly pinged by others and then try to sleep but then the upstairs neighbors who probably weigh less than me combined, these two tiny girls who somehow stomp like titans and stay up late shaking your house with stomping - they keep you from sleeping properly so you wake up again more sleepy than you were even before you went to bed but you go to work because of having to and then your parents ask you over for dinner again & you agree to go and are regretting it all day because you just want to go home and finally, finally, take out your trash and maybe fold some laundry but you can't because you need to see your parents one of whom is apparently dying and you are starting to feel thoroughly used up and in the end just really only want to get drunk and dance & fuck but instead cannot.

That's regular.


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