Jun. 16th, 2016

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I'm like sick? In a way that seems new and weird. Aches and fever but none of that respiratory element you know about from being sick before.

Anyhow I can't wake up and can't feel good or eat. Also I looked at so much internet that it bored me and now I'm just going to make some more.

The 7 was on time and all but I was having a hard enough start that I didn't get my umbrella. The 7 came right on time and it has a shelter even if it for some reason doesn't have a bench you can still get a little shelter.

Not so the 10 when I get it at 105 & Euclid. The RTA's vigilance against indigents is sometimes okay. Sometimes. I mean. If your a paying commuter maybe you shouldn't expect to be hanging out in the bedroom of a drunken madman with poor personal habits sure. But maybe don't make the shelter an icy cold chicken wire hovel as an alternative.

The point is moot at Euclid where the interminable construction of yet greater hospitals has eaten up the sidewalks so that all the stops are shifted about and all the shelters are dismantled.

This real nice dude coming home from his work and speaking with such a deep, I want to say Mississippi accent that I have no idea what he was saying - he has an umbrella and holds it up over me to share like a hero.

The 10 comes and school is out so its not a huge crowd of obnoxious teens anymore. The bus driver even knows me. She's someone at work's big sister so that is cool.

Anyhow. There's magic and circumstance every day. Just not always in my favor.


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